Exodus 17:1-16; 18:1-27

Is the Lord among us or not?

In chapter 17-18, there are three developing events for preparing Israelites to be a country of God’s people on the promising land:

– Lack of water: basic need vs God Himself

It’s a common theme in the desert – people complain and God patiently provides.
May we all be reminded that man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God. (Matthew 4:4 & Deut. 8:3). Today, we have the Word with us (Emmanuel) and are connected to the source of living water; though the test of instant gratification exists, we have the assurance to overcome and find peace and satisfaction in Him.

– First battle/ Won over the Amalekites: military power vs God Himself

‘Some trust in chariots and some horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.’ (Psalm 20:7). The first battle gave the Israelites a lesson of faith – trust in the Lord and strengthen each other in Him. We ought to do the same as Christian soldiers.

– Shaping the public administration system: setting orders and qualification of public services for God’s people

Liberated from slavery, Israelites had to learn to be an effective and efficient God’s people. A new system needs to be established and God’s people need to work/ serve in an orderly way. The qualifications of the public servants have been set: fear God, trustworthy, hate dishonest gain. We do, need to unlearn and relearn the way we live now that we are New People, of His. May we all be his vessels and be of good use to establish His kingdom.

Lord, please help us to recognize your presence in our lives, help us to know you better and remain in you. May all the glory, honor, and praises go to you and you alone! Amen.             —- Ivy Lin





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