Exodus 36:1-38;  37:1-29

We read previously in Exodus 25-31,  that God gave Moses the tabernacle instructions.  Now, in Exodus 35 through 39:31, the construction of the tabernacle takes place.  Bezalel and Oholiab – who were chosen by God –  used the skills and wisdom God had given them to build the temple according to God’s instructions.  God also gave them the ability to teach others how to work on the tabernacle.

The workers and the people had something in common – willing hearts.  The workers built willingly; the people gave willingly (and generously).  In fact, the people gave so much that in 36:6, Moses gave an order for the offerings dedicated to the tabernacle to stop.  They had more than enough!

We can learn from this outpouring of giving – both of skills and of resources.  What has God given to each of us in talents and skills that we can share with the body of Christ?  How willing are we to give generously of our resources to the Kingdom of God?  Blessing always follows obedience.  May we give to God generously of our abilities and resources!           —- Mary Mauderer

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