Exodus 38:1-31

Chapter 38 is part of the record on how the Tabernacle was built according to what the Lord has commanded. In this chapter, Bezalel and team built the Altar, the Basin for Washing, and the Courtyard, with the summary of materials used. A few points to call out:

– They were all built seriously and also for mobility: The Israelites travelled with God; no matter where they go, they are to worship Him in a proper way.
– God planned and provided the materials: The metals and other materials did not show up by themselves miraculously in the middle of the desert. When the Israelites left Egypt with the wealth collected from Egyptians, it was planned that the Tabernacle would be built with the willing offerings and the skills of God’s people.
– The financials of building the Tabernacle was transparent and recorded by the Levites: The ‘operating capital’ of this building project is huge. However everything was itemized and clearly recorded. It was the dwelling of God, and a sanctuary for the public – the financials have to match up with the integrity and the intention.

May our Lord bless our church and her congregation that we are all body of Christ and set for His good use.        —- Ivy Lin

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