Exodus 39:1-43

Today we see the Israelites making garments for ministering in the Holy Place for priests, and they made the garments exactly how God commanded them to (v. 1, 43).

These are some garments for priests to wear, to perform priestly duties on behalf of the Israelites to go before the Lord. Notice all of the materials used were all valuable possessions to the people, such as gold, purple, scarlet, etc. Due to limited technology and skills back then, purple and blue coloring were rare to come by in large quantities in nature, garments in those colors were considered valuable for their rarity; only the royals or the rich wear these colors.

Critical Thinking Questions

While we do not hold responsible to abide to and perform priestly duties now that we have direct connection with God, the Israelites still set an example for us. The Israelites collectively gave up their most valuable possessions to represent themselves before God; what are some things we are bringing to go before God as we gather to worship Him together?

The Israelites brought their valuables together to help their priests serve God the way He commanded. Notice the materials were not for the priest’s personal gain but used as a part of worshipping God. What have you done to help ministers serve according to the will of God?           —- Isaac Chang

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