John 17:1-26

John 17 is sometimes called the ‘Holy of Holies’ of the entire Bible.

Jesus, as representative of man, prays here.
In the Old Testament, the high priest carried the names of all the tribes of Israel upon his heart when he entered God’s presence.
Likewise, in John 17, Jesus carried on His heart all who believed in Him then, who believe in Him now, and all who are yet to believe in Him.  His prayer is for those God called His own, those whom God had given Him.
As our High Priest, He is able to help those who are being tempted and is now in Heaven on our behalf.  We know that He is continually praying for each one of us now in the same language of the high priestly prayer of John 17.

Jesus prays to the Father concerning Himself (verses 1-5),
He prays for His disciples present with Him (6-19),
for future believers (20-24)
and how He knows the Father, has made the Father known and will continue to make the Father known (25-26).
This work was increasingly fulfilled at the Cross and through the indwelling Holy Spirit following Jesus’ return to heaven.

Jesus left heaven and came to earth for us.  He prayed for His own while he was alone with His disciples.  He suffered immeasurable pain and grief on the way to and while on the cross for us.  He rose on the third day and defeated Satan for us.  He ascended back into heaven and sits at the Father’s right hand, interceding for us.
And one day – HE WILL RETURN and gather us – those whom God has given Him.
He did this for _______.  Put YOUR name in the blank space.

My prayer:  Thank you so much Jesus.  Words can never express how great your love for me is.  Your righteous blood has covered all my despicable sin and I have been given eternal life with you.

Worship and sing with me this Hymn:

‘Then I shall bow
in humble adoration
And there proclaim,
My God, How Great Thou Art.’                    —- Mary Mauderer

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