Job 3:1-26

In this chapter Job speaks his opening lament.

He is speaking to no one in particular as he expresses the depth of his suffering.
His existence had been a great joy to him because of the favor of God, but now his burdens have made his life intolerable.  He comes as close to cursing God in verses 3-10 as he ever will, but he does not do it.  Jeremiah uttered similar words of despair in Jeremiah 20:14-18.
God, in His Word, does not hide that there will be suffering, but in His great love for us, He provided a Savior – Jesus, His Son, that suffered beyond measure – to give us the Promise and the Hope of eternity with Him to those who receive Christ as Savior and Lord.

Verses 11-26 give us a series of Job’s rhetorical questions and despairing answers that envision death and the end of, or in the case of a stillborn birth, prevention of, all suffering.
Clearly he sees death as a much better solution to the suffering he is now experiencing.
Death, to Job, is a place of peace and rest – something he feels he cannot find.

In verse 23, he tells us he feels that God, who had put a hedge of protection around him, has now hemmed him in with turmoil.

We can all related at some level to the struggle of Job.  As we continue in this book of wisdom, we will learn more about God in the light of all of life’s perplexities, such as human suffering.

Again, praise to the Father for sending the suffering Son to provide  man the promised rest and peace of eternity in His presence.           —- Mary Mauderer

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