Psslm 35:1-28

David was plagued with many enemies in his life. He called upon the Lord to rescue him from the hands of his enemies.

He prayed that the Lord would avenge him for all the evil his enemies were plotting against him.

He encountered people who repaid him evil for good, who rejoiced at his afflictions and who were eager to see his demise. David’s total dependence on God for deliverance was revealed in his readiness to give thanks and praises to the One who would rescue him from his enemies. 

Unlike David, many of us may not have to fear for our lives, but some of us experience at some point in our lives enemies who seek our ruin. They could be the co-workers at our workplace, our bosses or even our so called friends and families.  It is in these trying times, we felt dejected and we cried out to God for deliverance. He is not only our tower of refuge and strength, He also vindicates us from our accusers, and He sends our enemies into a tailspin. Although events may not always have a fairytale ending, just like the way we had hoped for, but we can be assured that God does not put our adversity to waste. He molds us and refines us for our good and His glory.  As Rom 8:28 puts it: And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. 

When we contemplate all the goodness of God, we will fall to our knees to worship him.  Our lips will testify to His goodness to our next generation.

Numbers 9:1-23

God instructed the Israelites to commemorate the Passover on  designated days. Provision was given for those who were ceremonially unclean or who were traveling. 

Passover is a memorial of God literal “pass over” the Israelites’ houses because of the sacrificed lamb’s blood on the Israelites’ door post, while striking down every firstborn of the Egyptians including their animals’.

As a result of this “pass over”, Pharoah finally let the nation Israel leave, and hence the Israelites were delivered from their slavery.  This celebration is of utmost importance since the Israelite who failed to celebrate will be cut off from his people and bear the consequences of his sin.

The Israelites’ Passover parallel his the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus who is the lamb of God. Because of Jesus’ blood on those who received Him as savior, Christians are spared from the ultimate consequence of sin which is eternal separation from God.  As Christians, we too commemorate the sacrifice of Jesus by participating in the Lord’s supper.

The presence of God with the Israelites in the wilderness was evident in the form of a cloud above the tabernacle.  In the night sky, the cloud appeared like fire. The Israelites’ encampment or setting out depended on whether or not the cloud lifted above the tabernacle. This is how the Israelites obeyed the Lord’s order through Moses.

Although Christians may not have the visual cues from God for guidance, we have the presence of God within us and among us in the form of the Holy Spirit.  Additionally, Christians also have the Word of God, the Bible which guides and directs the path of believers. How do we know the will of God and the path He wants us to take?  We must study the Bible, practise His words and obey the prompting of the Holy Spirit.           —- LaiYee Leong


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