Acts 9:1-43
“Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?”

Paul was on a mission,  Set out to stop this Jesus and his followers.  With papers in hand, he was to arrest anyone preaching this gospel and return them to Jerusalem.  But before he was  to enter Damascus, he was struck down by the blinding light of God 
What an amazing conversion. The biggest threat to Christ and His followers was now proclaiming the Gospel throughout Judea. He went on to write most of the letters of the new testament and was responsible for the beginnings of the church  
Some of us also have had our “Damascus road experience.  We had a life that was opposing to Christ.  Maybe not as out spoken as Paul, or struck down by a beam of light,  but if we were “not for Him, we were against Him”  
Paul’s conversion was a miraculous, a complete transformation,  even his name.  I have heard first hand and read many testimonies from many believers that experienced an amazing conversion to Christ.  I am thankful to hear these stories, people from various back grounds and beliefs,  lives that have been changed by Christ  However, just like the Children of Israel , too often we want to build an alter or monument to remember a place or an event in our life. Too many times, our testimony becomes a monument or “alter” to mark the day or place that God “opened our eyes”
We need to be more like Paul.  God may not be expecting as much from us as he did Paul, but as in v 28 , we should be “speaking boldly in the Name of the Lord”  Our testimony should become our diary or daily account of God’s light in our life and how He uses us to see the church “grow in numbers”               —- Bill Burgan

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