Psalm 42-43 & Acts 20

Psalm 42-43
Put our hope in God

There’s a thirst that no earthly spring could quench; there’s a hunger that no worldly gourmet could satisfy; there’s a desire that no human affection could fulfill. That is, the emptiness and despair of soul from the deep. Men looked for solutions amongst themselves and all over the world for ages but found none.

In the book of John, there are seven occurrences in which Jesus says “I am ____.”
– the bread of life
– the light of the world
– the door
– the good Shepard
– the resurrection and the life
– the way, the truth, and the life
– the vine

The answer is already here, do you have Him as yours?

Acts 20:1-38
V12-38 Paul’s departing message to the church of Ephesians

Affectionately, Paul gave his last words to the elders of Ephesians before sailing to Cos (en route to Jerusalem).
We observed a loving relationship between the congregation and their missioners. Paul’s encouragement also applies to us today. Be alerted and giving, as we tread through life’s journey.
Lord, thank you for providing the solution of life, because you are life.
May we all put our hope in you and help us be holy and blameless for a life that is praising you. Amen.          —- Ivy Lin

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