Deut 7-8

Deuteronomy 7-8 records part of God’s stipulation with the Israelites. If the Israelites do such and such, God will provide such and such. Chapter seven begins with God’s guidance to clear lands of many nations for the Israelites. God reminded the Israelites not to covet their possessions, do not intermarry, and do not worship their gods. As the Israelites obey God’s commands to them and continue to honor God, God will continue to bless them according to His covenant. Throughout chapter 7-8, God continued to remind the Israelites to remember God and obey His commandments for the Israelites are holy people chosen by God.

Critical Thinking Questions

The Israelites are promised with blessings if they follow God’s commandments and honor Him as the One and only God. Even though we as believers today are not promised with the same blessings, how are we to live in lives that is God honoring and pleasing in His eyes? Are there aspects in our lives right now that may inhibit us from living a life that pleases God?

— Isaac

One thought on “2019-10-15

  1. 40年了,一個世代已經過去了,在即將進入應許之地,就是即將進入流奶與蜜的迦南美地之前,神藉摩西吩咐以民,要將神的吩咐記在心上,也要殷勤地教訓兒女。(申6:6, 7a)



    感謝主,給我們如此殊榮厚愛,我們理當盡心、盡性、盡力愛耶和華我們的神,敬畏祂、事奉祂、遵行祂旨意。 —- Solomon Liu


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