Deut 14

More laws for the Israelites in chapter 14! There are two major parts in this chapter. The first part (v.1-21) deals with the eating of clean and unclean food, while the second part (v. 22-29) deals with tithing.

The Israelites are commanded to not to eat certain types of animals with some specificity. Ritually, we as New Testament Christians are not bound by them. However, most of the listed banned animals have been known to be less sanitary compared to the clean animals even with modern technology. Some scholars suggest God may have written this law for sanitary reasons.

Under the tithe laws, Israelites are commanded to bring the grains and flocks they grew to the Lord in set times, at a place decided by the Lord. Upon giving their sacrificial grains/animals to the Lord, people are share a meal with each other and the local Levites wherever they may be. The Levites were the tribe of Israelites who holds priestly duties.

Critical Thinking Questions

While we are not bounded by the cleanness laws here, our bodies are considered to be God’s temple (1 Cor. 16-17). Do we care for our body through eating healthy?

Israelites are asked to give a portion of what they have to God and His servants (priests). How have you treated your God and His servants (pastors, ministers) He planted in your lives?

— Isaac

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