Joshua 3:1-17
Joshua said to the Israelites, “Come here and listen to the words of the Lord your God. This is how you will know that the living God is among you.”
As Joshua prepared the Israelites to cross the river he was given instructions for them and the priest.  They were to pray and consecrate themselves and wait for the priests to pass with the arc.  When the arc passes, they were to follow, but not to close. 
They had never been on this course before so it was important to follow the priest. 
The next day,  as the left their camp and approached the river, the priest went ahead of them with the arc.   Verse 15 states the Jordan was at flood stage during the time of harvest (maybe in the fall). The priest moved forward and stepped into the flooded Jordan.  
Now I grew up near a river and even at it’s normal level there was a very strong current.  In the spring, when we had a lot of rain and the river would flood, the currents were dangerously strong. 
If fact, we were warned to stay out of the waters due to the currents and the risks. 
I can’t imagine stepping those raging waters.  Yet the priest did, following the instructions from God they received through Joshua.
Not until they were ankle deep did the waters recede.  It stopped to the point that the children of Israel walked across on dry land.
Many times in our lives we have a flooded river in front of us.  We all can learn from the Israelites:  
Listen (and study) from the word of the lord v9, Follow his instructions v3 and v5, and finally take a step of faith v15. 
Trust in God brothers and sisters ! 
He will see us through to dry ground ! 
In Christ, BILL 

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