Psalm 64:1-10

Key Verse:(Psalm 64:9) All people will fear; they will proclaim the works of God and ponder what he has done.

Men’s Plot and God’s Work

‘Cunning’ was used by the poet to describe human mind and heart. They plotted to go against God and harm others with ‘perfect plans’. The poet was oppressed and he cried out to the Lord for His protection and deliverance.

God’s ways and thoughts are higher than men’s. He is the one to judge and woe to those who establish with bloodshed by injustice. The rod of His anger ends up with under the wrath as well. God’s work is to be accomplished and all should proclaim I
His work and give Him the glory.

Lord, may we turn our eyes upon Christ and the salvation work done by Him; better or worse, may we rejoice and find rest in you and you alone.

Ruth 4:1-22
Key Verse:(Ruth 4:22) Obed the father of Jesse, and Jessie the father of David.

Beautiful Things Done In God’s Way

Chapter 3 illustrated the bold move from Naomi and Ruth; now in chapter 4 Boaz took the initiation and fulfilled the responsibility according to the laws. Many beautiful things were accomplished:
Naomi, a widow with no sons, was renewed and her family name remained in the record.
Ruth, a gentile woman, was recognized and found a home in Israel.
Boaz, a kinsman-redeemer, got blessed with the offerings that led to King David and ultimately, the Messiah.
Salvation for mankind, God’s glorious plan, was in progress according to His love, grace, and power.

Lord, thank you for your words and your mercy for us. May us be reminded that all goodness comes from you and may us be obedient servants of yours for your kingdom. Amen.

— Ivy Lin

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