I Kings 20:1-43

Key Verse: (13b and 28b) …you will know that I am the LORD.

Ahab, the king of Israel, was widely recognized as the wicked king in the history. But “the LORD works out everything to his own ends – even the wicked for the day of disaster.” (Proverb 16:4)

God still makes Himself known to the wicked.

Through the prophets and miraculous acts, God clearly addressed to King Ahab – He was revealing Himself and giving Ahab the opportunity to know Him and recognize Him as the Lord. The most recent encountering in this chapter, Ahab had the honor to lead Israelite to win over an impossible battle when they were attacked by the joint forces from King of Aram and surrounding geopolitical powers. Although greatly outnumbered, Israelites were able to defeat their enemy regardless of the battlefields. However, Ahab was too ignorant and arrogant to recognize that God is the LORD; he quickly took the pride and glory of the winner, showed the ‘mercy’ to the defeated King of Aram, totally put God, his Savior and Lord, and God’s commands behind his head and mind.

The wicked is also the vessel of God.

No matter what Ahab thought or did to fail God’s commands or steal God’s glory, we saw the rest of the history unfolding. God reigns and all His words are to be fulfilled. Through Ahab, God used him as a tool of judgment to his time, making it very real to the rebellious and the faithfulness. God also uses Ahab as an object lesson to our time, making it very relevant to us for the blessings and foes.

Lord, thank you for loving us while we were still sinners and while we were against you. Thank you for choosing us as your own and covering our sins with the blood Jesus shed. We have nothing to boast other than the saving grace of yours! May we all know that you are the LORD and may the people around us see our lives as the testimonies of your unfailing love and they may also know that you are the LORD. In the name of Christ we pray, Amen.             —- Ivy Lin

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