1 Peter 4:1-19

This chapter in 1 Peter addresses Christ’s attitude in daily life.

In verses 1-11:

When we live for Christ, unlike our past sinful life, we no longer live for evil human desires.  We now seek to live for the Will of God.  Our salvation through the death and resurrection of Jesus allows us this new path.

We are called to behave in a way that brings praise to God.  We stay alert, we pray for and love one another and we continue to do as Peter has commanded in earlier chapters:
    1. Live together in peace
    2. Try to understand each other
    3. Love each other
    4. Be kind
    5. Be humble
We serve each other!

In verses 12-19:

Suffering doesn’t seem ‘good’, but suffering helps us to connect to and understand Christ.  We experience joy as we see His glory.  We experience blessing because the Spirit rests in us. And we bear the name of Christ.

Jesus works to develop our best life.  It is good for us individually to reflect on how Jesus is doing this now in our own life.  Another thought to reflect on is:  What would you look like as a person without suffering?  Just as we develop stronger muscles by exercising, Jesus develops spiritual strength in us by allowing us opportunities to trust Him in challenging situations.


Psalm 88:1-18

This is a song of sorrow and a Psalm of sadness.  In 1 Peter 4, we discussed suffering and this Psalm is the living out of that.  I am not a theologian, but as I read this, I am reminded of Jesus as he suffered on the cross on our behalf.  The Psalm does not have a happy ending.  It just breaks off.  But will the Father leave His child there?  If we reflect on our Lord and Savior, we know with confidence the answer to that question is a bold NO, because of the GIFT God gave us in His Son.             —- Mary Mauderer

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