1 Chronicle 23:1-32

Chapter 23 illustrated the division of labor among the Levites for the future Holy temple in Jerusalem. 

Their job descriptions included:

  1. Supervision the work of the temple of the Lord: to ensure the Levities follows God’s plan to run the temple. Today, Church needs coworkers to administer God’s works based on Biblical principles not secular principles. 
  2. Be official and judges: to settle disputes and maintain laws and orders. Church also has the authority to exercises discipline in order to save ‘sick’ Christians from destroying God’s name.
  3. As gatekeeper: Church leaders play an important role to keep the physical and spiritual safety of the Church.
  4. Praise God with musical instrument:  The use of music to praise God not to get personal gratification. 
  5. Aaron and his descendants were set apart forever to consecrate the most holy things, to offer sacrifices, to minister before the Lord and to pronounce blessings in His name. 

Levites played a leading role for the Israelites serving in the Holy temple. Today, Church is a body of Christ, everyone play an important role in serving Him.  Church leaders play a role to lead the congregation to worship and serve God.  Once in a while, I may hear comments like why can’t I do such as such, or I do not get anything out of this …etc.  I may not able to offer them a satisfactory answer. One thing I learn from the past years is whenever I write an email or say something; I need to make sure my words would be able to glorify our Lord.  If we can turn our focus on God  (with humility) while serving or worshiping God, we can build a stronger Church.  —- Alan Yam

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