1 Chronicle 29:1-30

            This final chapter of 1st Chronicles concluded the life of King David. He is remembered as a man who enjoyed long life, wealth, and honor. The legacy he left to his son wasn’t just the wealth and kingship. He laid out a master plan for his son, Solomon to build the Holy temple, a worship center for all Israelites to worship God.

            What kind of legacy do we want to pass to our children and grandchildren?  How do you want your children and grandchildren remember you? King David is remembered as a man after God’s own heart, “He will do everything I (God) want him to do.”- Acts 13:22.  Even though King David is imperfect in many ways, God’s grace can overcome his imperfections. Every parent makes mistakes and sometimes, we make big mistakes. But God redeems us from them.

            His prayer from verses 10-20 gives us a good lesson. Everything comes from God. Wealth, talent, health …etc. all come from God. One of the major obstacles for most Christians is to give tithes to the Church because they mismanage their money. They may be in heavy debts. *. Let us start organizing our financial and spiritual lives so that we can contribute and help grow God’s kingdom without bondage.             —- Alan Yam

* Crown Financial Ministries is a Christian non-profit organization that helps people to be debt free and promotes stewardship values all over the world.

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