2 Chronicles 24:1-27

This chapter is the account of the reign of King Joash, who became king at age 7 and ruled for 40 years, mostly at the guidance of the temple priest Jehoiada.  In fact reading this, it will be revealed that Joash was very devoted to Jehoiada and the priest to him as well.

During his time as king, he and the priest took upon the task to raise money for the rebuilding (or remodeling) of the temple and were very successful, including new furnishings and worship items.

Later we read Jehoiada has become very old and dies. v17 After Jehoiada died, the officials of Judah came to King Joash. They bowed down to him. He listened to them. They turned their backs on the temple of the Lord, the God of their people. They worshiped poles made to honor the female god named Asherah. They also worshiped statues of other gods. Because Judah and Jerusalem were guilty of sin, God became angry with them. The Lord sent prophets to the people to bring them back to him. The prophets told the people what they were doing wrong. But the people wouldn’t listen.

He even sent Zechariah to them but this only set the people against him and Joash and him killed.

Basically, they all had turned their back on God.

Eventually, they were defeated in battle by a much smaller Syrian army. Once Joash and his followers took there eyes off God and began to worship pagan idols, the kingdom fell.

How often do we see this pattern in the stories of the children of Israel throughout the old testament, and even today. When we take our focus off God and place it on man, when will fail to keep his word, when we worship “other idols” then we too risk falling by the hands of a weaker foe.

At this time (and always) we need to set our eyes on Jesus, not on a plan, party, platform or priest/preacher. 

As from the Proverbs: 
   Trust in the LORD with ALL your heart
   Do not trust your own understanding
   Acknowledge him in ALL your ways
   And HE will give you a clear and Straight path to follow


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