Psalm 104 and 2 Corinthians 4

Psalm 104:1-35

This beautiful Psalm continues to emphasize the mighty attributes of our Great God, particularly His attribute of Creator.  The teaching and vocabulary of Genesis 1 is reflected in this Psalm.  The difference between the created and the Creator is emphasized and the Psalm affirms that only the Creator alone, not any aspect of creation – such as the sun – should be worshiped.

Below are some of the aspects of God this Psalm highlights – written in poetic beauty:

Lord; very great; clothed with splendor, majesty, His light stretching through the heavens and waters.  The clouds are His chariot and He rides on the wings of the wind.

He ordered the world and keeps it stable.  He brings forth the water and gives us the plants.  He made night and day.  Animals came from Him. Man was created by Him.

We are to rejoice in Him and praise Him!

2 Corinthians 4:1-18

In verses 1-6, Paul finishes what he started in 3:4-18 as he writes about a New Covenant of Unfading Glory.  He encourages followers of Christ to not lose heart, and continue proclaiming Jesus as Lord.  He encourages believers to remember that God  said ‘Let light shine out of darkness’, and God has shone His light in our hearts and given us the knowledge of glory of God in the face of Jesus.  God’s sovereign initiative is necessary to enable us to embrace the gospel message.  God created light where there was no light in Genesis and now His creative word gives spiritual life and understanding to the gospel where previously there was none.

In verses 7-18, Paul reminds us that God’s way is to work through those who are weak or unimpressive in the world’s eyes – ‘jars of clay’.  Paul sees his sufferings as an imitation of Christ’s and that all his strength to continue comes from Christ. Though most of us do not suffer as Paul did, we are to have faith that He who raised Jesus from the dead will raise us also with Jesus and bring us into His presence.  When we suffer, we are not to lose heart.  God renews our inner nature each day.  We are to look not at what is seen but to look the things that are unseen,  Seen is transient, unseen things are eternal.

These words help steady believers when the situation seems hopeless.  I am very thankful for Paul’s words in this time. —- Maty Mauderer

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