Psalm 105:1-45

  A week ago today we read Psalm 104, which praises God’s acts in creating the world. Today, we look at Psalm 105, a song which meditates on God’s acts in the world’s continuing history.  The first 15 verses of this Psalm are quoted in 1 Chronicles 16 (David’s Song of Thanks), perhaps indicating the use of the Psalm in worship.  And we can use this Psalm in personal worship of our Good and Faithful Father today.

Psalm 105 – Tell of All His Wonderful Works!

Verses 1-7:
            Give thanks to the Lord!  Sing praises to Him!  Glory in His Holy Name! Rejoice in His Name!  Seek Him, His strength, His presence continually!  Remember all the wonderful works He has done! Remember He is the LORD our God and His judgments are in all the earth!

   Please stop here for a few minutes and give praise and thanks to God.  If you are able, even sing a praise to Him. Remembering His works means acting in faith and obedience and we are called to praise Him!

Verses 8-45: 

We are told in this scripture of all He has done and how He has kept His promises.  These wonderful verses remind us of Israel’s history and God’s protection of His people.

Verses 8-11
            God’s covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is remembered forever. 

            The promised land of Canaan and God’s protection of the Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is remembered.

Verses 16-25
            The story of Joseph and God’s placement of him in power in Egypt is recalled.  God directed the events in Egypt so that when famine threatened that country Joseph was in power and able to same many people – most importantly, his father Jacob and the very brothers that sold him into slavery.  The Israelites flourished in Egypt until they became hated by the Egyptians and were pressed into slavery.

Verses 26-36
            Moses and the release of the Israelites is remembered.  The plagues against Egypt are stated and after the 10th plague – the death of all the Egyptian’s firstborn – the Exodus began.

Verses 37-45
            The Psalmist recalls the Exodus and the plundering of Egypt through no effort of the Israelites.  They had lived as slaves in Egypt for 430 years and had little of their own, yet they left with ‘silver and gold’. (I can’t help but recall that this Exodus was typified by Abram and Sarai’s exit from Egypt in Genesis 12 & 13)   We are reminded of the leading and protection of God’s people with the ‘Cloud by Day and the Flame by Night’ and the feeding of the people with the Manna and quail – God’s mercy and love continue in His provision for His people.

   The Psalm ends with joy, singing and the reminder to follow God.  ‘Praise the Lord!’

   Please stop here for a few minutes and again give praise and thanks to God. 
As we have remembered His works and faithfulness to Israel in Genesis and Exodus, we can be assured of His continuing faithfulness to us.
The Death and Resurrection of His Son Jesus – who died that we may be saved from our slavery to sin and the eternal death that results – gives us the joy of the promise of eternity with Him and strength needed for today and all tomorrows.

—- Mary Mauderer

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