Isaiah 26:1-21

  Isaiah 26 is a song of praise. God’s people praise for their deliverance from captivity. It is also a song of salvation. In response to God’s salvation, God’s people renew their trust in Him.
There was a plea for God’s judgment. God answered their plea with a promise to wait with quiet faith, confidence in God’s plan and assurance of His promises.

  Isaiah 26:1-4 remind us that our minds have to stay on God in order to have perfect peace. The word perfect peace literally means Shalom, Shalom. The word Shalom repeats twice in order to intensify the meaning of peace. Obtaining this perfect peace by keeping our minds on God, not just occasionally but continually.  The word ‘stayed’ or in Hebrew sawmak means sustain, lean upon, steadfast. We cannot just meet God once a week to draw His perfect peace. We have to keep our mind constantly with God in order to draw His perfect peace.

  Lastly, what is your mind set upon now? God tells us to love our God with all our mind, (Matthew 23:37). He also tells us to set our mind upon things above not on things below (Colossians 3:2). We are transformed with the renewing of your mind (Romans 12:3). Let us put our mind in praising God with songs of deliverance. He is our hiding place and we shall not be afraid.           — Alan Yam

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