Psalm 119:41-56

Verse 41 speaks of God’s love and devotion to those in covenant with Him. 
Verses 42-43 remind us to hope and trust in God’s Word when others condemn our faith. 
Verses 44-48 tell us that by keeping God’s ways, we are liberated from slavery to sin and are free to speak of God’s goodness to all.  We lift our hands to God and His beloved commandments, meditating on His statues!

Verses 49-52 remind us again the God’s word gives hope and is our comfort in affliction.  His promise gives life.  We can take comfort in God’s Word and His Word helps us from going our own way.
In verse 53, the writer has ‘hot’ indignation towards the wicked who forsake His law.
But in verses 54-56, the psalmist quickly changes direction and tells us that God’s law is not simply a matter of obedience but of worship.  We are to remember His name at all times and by doing so, we experience His blessings.

Such beauty in the writers words.  I looked at the words that describe God and His love for us:  Steadfast Love, Trustworthy. Our Hope, Liberates from Slavery to Sin, Delightful, Promises Life, Comfort, Blesses. As you read His Word, may you see these attributes of our Father and others as well!            — Mary Mauderer 

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