Psalm 119:57-72

Verses 57-64
  In these verses of praise, the Psalmist calls us to remember that the LORD is our portion – nothing else.  The writer adamantly tells God all he (the writer) will strive to do:

  • Keep the Lord’s Words
  • Seek God’s favor with all his heart
  • Think on his (mans) ways and turn to God’s testimonies (ways)
  • Immediately obey God’s commands
  • Remember God’s Laws
  • Praise His righteous ways
  • Companion (fellowship and friend) with those who fear God and keep His commands
  • Learn His statutes

Think with me how each of us might do the same.  First and foremost, we must spend time with God daily.  Though each of us will be moved by different items on the list, I will share mine.  I especially was convicted to think on my ways and then turn to God’s way.  Often my human compass will lead me wrong, but God’s Spirit will ALWAYS lead me in the right path.  I simply must stop and think before I act.  What particularly stands out to you?

Verses 65-72
  This scripture shares how the Psalmist found that affliction brought him back from wandering away from God.  The writer continues to ask for God’s teachings.  He reminds us that God deals with us well and with love.  Key verse 1 is verse 68:  ‘You (God) are good and do good’.  Praise be to the Father for this.  Key verse 2 is verse 71:  ‘It is good for me that I was afflicted, that I might learn your statutes.”  The writer, in retrospect, is thankful for his suffering because it has lead to a new intimacy with the Lord.

Join me in this short prayer:

  Heavenly Father, Please help me to seek you in all things and walk in Your ways. 
I say as You have said, that YOU ARE GOOD AND DO GOOD in all things. 
I thank you for struggles and afflictions because it is in those that I see you and know you more intimately.  
Jesus, thank you for going to the Cross to die for me and for your love that shed your blood and took away my sin. 
May those I know and love who haven’t received you as their Savior find you and know your mighty love as I do.  In your name, Gracious Jesus, I pray.  Amen.   — Mary Mauderer

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