Malachi 1:1-14

  Vs 1 – Malachi means ‘my messenger’ and in Chapter 1, Malachi begins to deliver a powerful message from the Lord.

  Vs 2-5 – God had greatly provided for Israel by providences and ordinances; but it seems by the complaining they did, that they received the grace of God in vain. They were very ungrateful to God for His favor towards them. They were careless and remiss in the observance of His Law, the priests especially so. God had made a covenant with Jacob that greatly expressed His love for His chosen even though they did not appreciate it. However, God rejected Esau. Esau’s people became the Edomites, and they participated in Israel’s overthrow. When the Chaldean army ravaged the country where Edom was and it was laid to ruin, God decreed they would never return – ‘They may build, but I will demolish’ promised God in verse 4. 

  Edom’s ruins were lasting, and the desolation perpetual; but a difference was made between Jacob and Esau, between the righteous and the wicked. Jacob’s cities were laid waste, but they were rebuilt; Edom’s were laid waste, and never rebuilt. The sufferings of the righteous will have an end and will end well; all their grievances will be addressed, and their sorrow turned into joy; but the sufferings of the wicked will be endless and remediless, as Edom’s desolation. Heaven or Hell. Eternal Life or Eternal Suffering. We are made righteous ONLY through the blood of Jesus and acceptance of Him as Lord and Savior.

  Vs 6-14 – Malachi begins to call the priests to account, and the people as well. God is speaking to unfaithful ministers whose words and actions do not bring life to those that follow them. The priests were profaning the holy things of God, with which they were entrusted, and the people also were guilty of this. They had the best, with which to serve and honor him, but they put him off with the worst, and thought that good enough for Him. This was the fault of the people, but the priests secretly allowed it, and indulged them in it.

  Self-examination is necessary at this point. Where do I give of unacceptable sacrifice instead of bringing the best God has given me? How much time do I spend in His Word and let it mold me into a worthy servant? As I reflect solemnly on this, I look at myself with sober judgement. And, although I observe great shortcomings, I will rejoice in God’s grace and His loving correction. His ‘Name WILL be great among the nations, from where the sun rises to where it sets’. Jesus has commissioned me and you to be a part of that. May I (and my brothers and sisters) continue to grow in our faith to lay the very best before God as He gave His very best – His Son – for us.   — Mary Mauderer

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