Exodus 10:1-29; 11:1-10

As the hearts of Egyptians hardened, the plagues were getting more harsh. The last three plagues recorded in Exodus 10-11 – the locusts, the darkness, and on the firstborn – all left Egyptians hopeless and helpless. The plague of locusts made their land barren; the plague of darkness made their daily life barren; the plague on the first born made their future barren. All resulted from their hardened hearts.

Sadly enough, Pharaoh still latched onto his easy/accessible slavery labor force and relied on schemes and lip services to make the Israelites stay. No matter what efforts Pharaoh made, as long as he was not on the same side of God, the course of history still followed the Lord’s command. It took unprecedented costly incidences to deliver the Israelites from over four hundred years’ slavery, and then the Egyptians would know that He is the Lord. (Exodus 7:5)

When we were still sinners, sin and its consequences made us barren – hopeless and helpless. However, there’s One who demonstrated God’s love and paid even more unprecedented costly price to save us from devastation (Romans 5:8). Salvation was achieved by our Lord Jesus’ Christ being the atonement – He died for our sin so that we may live and have a hope for future. All glory to Him and praise the Lord that we received a new heart that is no longer hardened (Ezekiel 36:26).

Lord, Thank you for giving us Jesus and allowing us to know you. Please help us study and obey your words, practice our faith and lead a life that is pleasing to you. Amen.          —- Ivy Lin

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