John 11:1-57

In this chapter, there are quite a few places that were not easily understandable contextually or spiritually.
For example, how come there had to be three different places calling out the loving relationship between Jesus and the family of Lazarus? (v3,  v5,  v36)
Or, Jesus chose to use the parable of walking at the daylight and stumbling during the night, to respond to his disciples’ concern of the safety upon traveling to Judea. (v8-10)
Or, Jesus was deeply moved and troubled in spirit when seeing the agony of the family and friends and he wept too…. (v33-35)

However, all these were recorded for us to put our faith in Him.
What happened to Lazarus was a journey of faith for that family, for the disciples, and for many Jews around.
Today, the recorded event also declared God’s glory and led many people believing in Jesus.
What is the journey of our faith? Does it point people to God and give Him the glory?

Lord Jesus, thank you for loving us.
Thank you for being obedient to the Father and to die for us.
Thank you for the work of the Spirit through the Scriptures and the missioners that help us to know that you are the resurrection and the life.
May we all continue to walk in your light and find joy in serving you and you alone. Amen.          —- Ivy Lin

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