Numbers 33

Such a detailed account of the children of Israel’s journey from Egypt!
How easy it would be to skip over reading so many repetitive passages.
All 40 + campsites and then the travel to the next, and so on.
Until v 51.  Here God speaks to Moses and gives very specific instructions to the Israelites before they enter Canaan.  Everything there is to be destroyed, including all the carved images, idols and high places.  Then the land will be divided by family and size.
Once again we see God being very detailed in His instructions.  After the long journey, God’s children are about to enter the promised land.  Glory.

It would be easy to stop here and bask in the beauty of Canaan. And we should.  As his children we should always be mindful of how he brought us from “Egypt”, one campsite at a time, to His promise for us.

But, we also need to be reminded of all the details.  Not just the journey but v 55.  We must drive out ALL the inhabitants of the land or it will become a thorn in our side.

Jesus gave us examples of laying down or putting aside our life to follow him.
It is repetitive through the new testament to cast off our old life and put on the new.

As followers of Christ, we have become a new creation.  In order for us to put on Christ, we must remove the old person.  Just as Moses was instructed to cleanse the land of it’s former occupants (and their gods), we too must do the same.

We should ask God to open our eyes to any idol or high place in our life that has become a needle in our eye or thorn in our side

In Christ, Bill Burgan


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