2 SAMUEL 13:1-39


This is chapter filled will the terrible actions of Ammon, the son of David.  His actions were so horrid that it drove his brother Absalom to plot his murder. David is left in sorrow, the loss of his sons.  How could this have come upon him?  Was this the results of his own actions?
Has David’s past returned to haunt him.  His own sins of adultery and murder.

Through scripture we are instructed to live holy lives before God  We do this by God’s grace. We are to be the salt of the earth and the light in the dark world.  Disciples of Christ or examples.  We are always being observed, our family, friends, co-workers and others watching us, listening.  Even though we may not realize this, there is always someone watching and waiting, to see what we will say of how we will respond to a particular situation  Will be be an example of Christ.
Today, on national television, I observed a man take a stand for Christ.  He had nothing to gain by his statement, in fact he will most likely be ridiculed.  He chose to be an example.

I hope each of us during this time of crisis can be the example, be the light to a very dark world.  David failed.  His sons prove this.  Let’s learn from David, from his failures, to lead us to be examples, true disciples of Christ
From Psalm 51:
Create in me a pure heart, o GOD
and renew a steadfast spirit within me
Do no cast me from your presence
or take your Holy Spirit from me
Restore to me the joy of Your Salvation
and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me
Then I will teach transgressors Your ways
so that sinners will turn back to you

Have faith in HIM

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