2 Chronicles 34:1-33

Josiah was a young child when he became king over Judah. What was most remarkable about his reign though, was that as a young man, he dedicated his heart to following the Lord. Josiah went on to become a valiant champion for the Lord. He went forth throughout all the land and removed the false prophets and their idols, like no other king before had done. His zeal fulfilled the prophesy from the time of the split kingdoms that God was raise up a man who would break the altars of Jeroboam.

Josiah was able to do mighty things, not because of his power, but because of his heart. His journey began with committing his heart to God. Once his heart was aligned, it was then that he was able to be led by God. Our world is in need of reform. Our eyes have been opened to the wickedness around us, and it seems like nothing will stop it. God wants to use us to bring reform, but we must dedicate our hearts to Him. God desires not that we tear our garments, but that our hearts are committed to him. Our world is in need of revival, and if we are to be zealous for change like Josiah, we must first commit our ways to the Lord. —- Nathan Williams

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